New Kid in the House

Well, there is a new kid in the house. Keely Elisabeth Carder. Keely means 'beautiful' and Elisabeth means 'consecrated to God'. We are blessed to have her in our lives, along with her big sister of 19 months, Elena. She was born at 1:26 on March 27th, 2006 at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, KY. Louisville, Kentucky, known for the infamous Slugger Museum, Muhammad Ali and University of Louisville now has a new star. Keely weighed 7lbs and 13 ounces coming in at 21 inches long. Here is a pic of the Momma, Papa and little one a day after birth.

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Colonel Steve said...


I guess now I won't be the only new guy around the church.

amos dettonville said...

like i told you earlier mr. carder - that's "the cutey kid" - a new super heroine has landed on planet earth - with super powers no doubt too!

congrats and God's blessings on the carder crew - now one more better.

amos dettonville

Chu said...


Chris said...

Hey Chu,

How's it going? I hope you are good. I hear there is something in the water or just hovering over Apex....seems like Phil W is catching up with Leslie and me with another one on the way! What is up with your life?

Chris said...

Colonel Steve,

I noticed from your website you are quite the astronomer. Do you of a website I can go to to get a simulated video of flying from earth throughout the universe? Sort of like the end of 'Men in Black' where the camera left the earth and took off....to like the end of the universe.
I just thought someone into the universe would know. God bless.