Invisible Children

A couple of months ago I saw Third Day in concert and told you guys how Tai Anderson, bass player of the group, told of going to Uganda and seeing what he termed 'Invisible Children'. Children are abducted from their homes at night while they sleep and forced to join the rebel armies in Uganda. SO, now an organization is helping these children by taking them from their homes at night to a secluded place and then return the next day to their families.

Check out what is going on with Invisiblechildren.com and see what you can do to come alongside Third Day and many others across the country to help spread the word of the Ugandan children's horrific plight. There is a great short movie introducing how to make us aware of the situation.

There is a great event they are pushing for April 29th with a commercial you can see at their site. Check it out and see how you can join others in your city to help the kids.



song: Mission Minded(Listen) (Purchase - $1.00)


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