Keith Green Video

Here is the Keith Green video I promised in my Larry Norman post. Keith's music really helped me get grounded in my walk with Jesus. His passion and hunger for God are clearly evident in his songs and ministry.

Keith Green vid link
Seems the video Keith Green Story is online - I might post it sometime, maybe one part a week, it's not good to load too many vids on one page at a time. You can find it on youtube if you don't want to wait.





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Rick said...

Wow, that's timeless. His music is as fresh and authentic as it was 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Now that brings back great memories! I came to your blog site because of a post alert I had for Larry Norman. First I was surprised it took me to your blog (I am a fan). Then to see the Keith Green video... Both Larry and Keith's music helped define my spiritual path with Christ. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

Hey Rick,
You are right....the song is timeless. As most of Keith Green's songs....like manna from heaven. Each word or phrase seemed to have God's special anointing. I used 'My Eyes Are Dry' in the praise set at church today. Many people were moved as we sang it. God bless you bro.