We Sang "My Eyes Are Dry" in Worship Today

One of my favorite songs we sang today at church, Forest Park Community Church, was 'My Eyes Are Dry'. I have just recently blogged about Keith Green and his ministry. This is another song by him. 'My Eyes Are Dry' is a soulful, penetrating song that awakens the sleeping heart to a fresh relationship with Jesus. How I miss hearing Green's powerful voice displaying his passion while he sang it. And it also quickens my heart to stay alert. I can get so hard to the Lord. Many people commented about the song this morning after services on how they broke during the song. The words are simply:

My Eyes Are Dry
My eyes are dry, my Faith is old.
My heart is hard, my prayers are cold.
And I know how I ought to be,
Alive to You, and dead to me.

Well what can be done, for an old heart like mine?
Soften it up, with Oil and Wine.
The Oil is You,
Your Spirit of Love.
Please wash me anew,
In the Wine of Your Blood.

© 1978 Birdwing Music/Cherry Lane Publishing Co., Inc.
Words & Music by Keith Green.



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Rick said...

I just blogged a few days ago about Keith Green being on YouTube. It's interesting that, whenever we do a KG song in worship, somebody comes up to us afterward to thank us for it. That doesn't happen with any other songwriter.

Chris said...


I wonder what the 'specialness' is of these songs. They were often so much Scripture ot them. And the passion he had as he sang was amazing. I heard they had to record him live with his piano to get the best effect on his vocals. I was and continue to be inspired by his songwriting.