New Book: Chris Carder's TRUST for Newbies

book cover
songs include:
  1. Strange and Wonderful (mp3 sample)
  2. Refuge (Psalm 62) (mp3 sample)
  3. Shoebox (mp3 sample) *see note below
  4. Trust (mp3 sample)
  5. Mile of Sunshine Boulevard (mp3 sample)
  6. You Came Along (mp3 sample)
  7. That's Why (mp3 sample)
  8. From Many Waters (mp3 sample)
  9. Two Wrongs (mp3 sample)
  10. 1000 Tongues (mp3 sample)
TMR CD #837101210775... $15.00



song: hear Shoebox from TRUST

all mp3 downloadable songs priced: $1.00
current release TRUST $15.00 (order online or via snail mail)

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