Movie Review: A Night in the Museum

Not too long ago my wife and I saw 'A Night in the Museum'. We have a 9 month old and a mid-2 year old.....so, we don't get out much. It is always nice to go to a movie.....have a little date.....eat a little popcorn. It is doubly nice to see a movie we enjoy.

It's a story about a museum having to cut back their expenses and releasing their three elderly night security guards, played by Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs. In their stead is a young and unsuspecting divorced father, Ben Stiller, who is struggling himself to make a living. The storyline continues with Stiller being left in charge of a museum where the wax figures come to life every night.

It has a nice plot and interesting characters. Robin Williams plays Teddy Roosevelt, Owen Wilson plays a cowboy who is at odds with Octavius played by Steve Coogin. There is no sex, drugs, alcohol or cussing. A great family movie.




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