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Two Ways to Get Visits to Your Music Site
Here are two things you can do to help promote your website. I invite you to come along and use the same methods I am using. I'll post a couple of them in this post.

Number One: Traffic Swarm

Set Traffic Swarm as your start page, click 8 links everytime you begin a surf session (or at least one time when you open your browser) and you'll see people checking out your music. It is free, easy, and there's not a ton of music sites on this traffic exchange - so we stand out there as something unique. I get visits and make new fans with Traffic Swarm everyday. As most musicians know, it is not always easy to keep new people coming to your music site - with the Swarm - you don't have to wonder if someone is going to be stopping by to learn about your music today - you can count on it.

Number Two: MyBlogLog
This is a pretty awesome way to meet new friend, see new faces, and network your ownline sites, blog, myspace, etc.

Here's my blog log member page: Carder's MyBlogLog pay it a visit - consider signing up - feel free to add me as a contact and to join any of my communities: A Day in Life Chris Carder Music Online chris carder's myspace or Too Much Records



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